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Zero Waste is a goal setting method to reduce our carbon foot print and have more happiness in our lives. 

The concept originated by the brilliant Bay Area local, Bea Johnson.

Its easy once you learn the basics!

One step at a time and you will see all the rewards both personally and for the greater good.

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After graduating from College of Marin's interior design program, I continued to further my education in home decor exploring a variety of interior concepts such as Minimalism, Hygge (pronounced "Hoo-gah"), and Zero Waste Lifestyle. I started incorporating zero waste into my own household in 2016, and began by making simple lifestyle changes using Bea Johnson's 6 R’s, Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. I enjoy teaching people this new method of considering alternatives, making eco-friendly choices and shopping in a way that saves money, saves time, saves resources and that is healthy for ourselves and our planet.




"Coral changed my life with her amazing smile and positive energy and her vast array of Zero Waste ideas.  She transformed me from somebody who put everything in one garbage pail to someone who shops with cloth sacks and glass jars so I don’t pollute with packaging and to someone who loves her compost pail so much and who takes out all of her cardboard and paper and bottles to different bins.  I feel wonderful that I’m improving my footprint and it’s all because of Coral." -Katrina, Sausaltio, CA
"Coral has influenced Book Passage Café and Wine Bar with her passion
for zero waste. She has not only educated the staff here to enhance
the way they recycle, but she has coached them on ways to reduce waste
and introduced a manageable composting system. The way she builds
teamwork and her gentle and consistent messaging has really helped the
team to understand and respect her insight. It turns out she is not
only influencing our workday but most of have confessed to taking her
wisdom home and where ever we go." -Keith, Corte Madera, CA

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